Hey Sailor Moon Fans. We are following through on updating all of Imbria Arts and given the continued popularity of SMAF, We are updating the site along with some other fixes. Changes listed below.

Re Write Episodes all up (and edited) 12 done, (changes in artwork will be added when completed to the episodes at later times) Work begins on Episode 13


Why the misspelling of Andromeda/Circuit?

Andromita was choose as a feminine spelling of Andromeda, while Curcit was a real misspelling mistake but was accepted (My guess is most don’t know curcuit is the proper spelling) On the rewrite however Circuit will be spelled correctly. (not Andromita to keep us separate from copy cats we have had since the story started in 1996.)

Is this a continued story to the TV series/Manga?

Yes and No, While I still haven't watched Sailor Stars arc I have watched the rest of the series and read most of the series, taking that I have the story link events from season 1 to events of season 3 aka Sailor Moon ,R , Super.

Why Script Format?

I choose script format as it was the way I best understood how to write at the time. Given its more fitting as when one writes a manga / tv series they need a script for it.

Will you ever complete the story?

Maybe one day, in the past I said no but now its incompletion is bothering me, as I re-watch the series this time in subtitles. I am slightly urged to complete the story. But don’t expect much beyond the current rewrite and new art for the current scripts. (UPDATE) The Rewrite is planned for completion on 26 (a regular tv show season) and may if I feel like it have a movie script when all is done at this time 12 episodes are now complete.