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The lines of Fantasy and Reality are often blurred in our imaginations, but for Jamie Eve, those blurred lines become the cage of one life and the hazards of another. When with the launch of the game 11 Kingdoms, the young game designer’s conscious mind is ripped from her body by the actions of zealous hacker. Now in two worlds she must fight alongside with others against the enemies of the game and self-doubt. Will she be able to go, and can she handle the threats and truths that she must come to face in a fabricated world of entertainment. 


About the Book


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A Tale of two lives formed from one divided mind.

Who is behind the virus? Is there even a way back home to the life she wanted to flee from not so long ago.


When Black Clover Industries decides to launch a new MMORPG that will change the world all is looking up for the game designer and now the reluctant international super star Jamie Eve and her avatar Fawn Midin. But fame comes at a price and Jamie's consciousness is ripped from her body and into the game, while her body struggles for life she must fight hard in a harsh world to seek away out. Along the way she will find challenges in both the game world and real one, with the only key to what happened in the hands of virus introduced in the game that is causing people to go mad or killing them one by one. What hope is there when the deck is piled against you.

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Chapter 1: Help Wanted
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Chapter 1: Help Wanted
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About the Author

Who is Brittany Dodson

Artist and Writer Brittany "Brian" Dodson. Was born on July 13 1978. In Richmond, VA. Where she remained thru most of her life.

In 1996 she attend VCU school of Arts, Communitcations and Design Department and over the next 4 years learning the basics of her craft. Also in 1996 she started her first website imbriaarts.com. The site would go on as a pinicle of her work and help mature much of the skills she had only started to learn in College. It was here she started focus on a love for comic art and story telling.

To learn more check out Brittany's personal Gallery Page on Imbria arts


On 11 Kingdoms

Like many of the projects I take on. 11 Kingdoms started out as a dream about a person given the chance to take part in video game history only to have thier life taken for a unqiue turn and with thier conciousness being trapped in the game world. While I am by far not the first to write about this. The difference in 11 Kingdoms is there is actual reasons behind the events that come out and the story covers not only the characters struggle to return from thier digital prison but also focuses on the game of life that is played by the company and governments. The story over all is one about how we live our lives and let our lives be directed by outside sources. It covers many touchy issues politically, spiritually and scientifically. Even the way the story is writen is done in a way that is unlike many before it with the shift in each chapter of the main character Jamie Eve's view to an outside observers view.

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