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March 02, 2014  |  Posted by Brittany Dodson | Comic News

I have chosen to drop Comixology and emanga.com from the listing of distributors as they fail to hold up thier end of getting things published in a timely matter. (Handed in Demon Blade #1 to them in Late August 2013, only one has replied about #1 in that time and that was this weekend and how they where having issues with the image quality) So if you have those programs I am sorry but Demon Blade is no longer seeking publishing with them. Instead we are having a greater influence with Comic Fix and Manga Magazine where subscribers and some none subscribers can read each issue for free.

The issue with Amazon pricing has also been fixed and all future issues from 4 - 6 will be at .99 price range like it is on our own estore site. The comic is growing a small fan base and for that I am thankful. As for individual issues on Amazon however may come to an end and make way for the Omnibus books of issues based on the sale numbers. The individual issues will still be for sale through Imbria Arts, Manga magazine, and Comic Fix. I may also do Lulu.com but at this time I have to work through issues with thier sales.

Lastly If you picked up and read issue 4 or 5 by now you may have seen a new way the books begin and end. Each chapter will have the character blurbs this is a exclusive for the individual issues, They will be replaced with commentary and insight in Book 1 which is slated for release in June.

October 31, 2013  |  Posted by Brittany Dodson | Comic News

Demon Blade #2 Launches and We have two new distributors. Comic Fix and if you want to read the comic but cant afford the .99 it is released as 1 page each weekday with MangaMagazine



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One day while visiting his grandparent’s farm outside Shiraoi, Japan, The young Japanese American Tetsu Yushi came across a strange cabin and an unfinished samurai sword with a dark hidden secret curse. Once he accidentally is stabbed by the blade he enters a blood pact with the Yuki-Onna Maiyuki and is tasked with finding a way to free himself and Mai of the curse the blade holds.  A journey that will transverse the world and encounter strange and dangerous encounters of with demons, spirits, ghosts and many more creatures of legend. Hoping that one day the two of them will be free of the blades curse.