Every day we live our lives and make our choices with no real knowledge of where it all will take us.
Whether there is a heaven or hell and if so where we end up, such is the life of everyone in this world.

That is except for Gloria Danvers.

Gloria is a simple woman trying to get by in her life.
Only thanks to a family curse she has lived with both an angel and devil at her side.
Judging her choices in life till the day she ultimately is to be placed on the scales.
She lives on trying to have a normal life while watching the two spiritual beings collect and save many souls
in the down time till her soul is added to the scales of her family’s.

To judge their final combined fate.

Gloria Danvers

The last in the family line of the cursed daughters of her family. Gloria is by all normal cericumstances a normal girl with the one exception that her soul will determin the fate of her entire family bloodline for centuries.

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Walter Bryant

The Devil's right hand minion for the task of weighting Gloria's soul in the end and to gather as many souls for damnation as he can, all while waiting for the fated day of Gloria's death.

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Charlie Tully

The fated Angel assigned to watch over Gloria and stand at her fated day. A solitary soul that watches over Gloria and tries his best along the way to save and comfort other souls along the path of rightousness.

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Gloria's Gospel

The story of a woman who stands to have her soul weighed by a devil and angel upon her death and the interactions the three deal with as small town issues and lives get intertwined in the chaos of a centuries old family curse. Each book is a short story with a life lesson dealing with the issues that the three come across in their day to day lives. Gloria will reflect and tell the stories of her two spiritual companions and their side missions of trying to damn or save souls for their side. An Emotional roller coaster ride of stories that leave the reader closer to understanding the bigger issues in our world.

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