A collection of weekly comic strips about any number of subjects at hand. All comedy and all a little weird.

Gloria's Gospel

What whould you do if you actually where jugded every day of your life but the forces of good and evil, well that is just what Gloria Danvers deals with in this Novellet series.

Path of the

Are you or someone close to you transgender? Do you need to understand what it means or how to get help. We trying to help bring answers as we walk down the Path of the Butterflies.


The way of the ninja is a hard one, join a team and choose to forge your own name in the scrolls of history in this role playing game based on the popular anime series.

One Piece RPG

Adventure is awaiting you upon the seas of the grandline. Build your characters powers and gather a crew to take on the challenges of the hits series.

Fairy Tail RPG

Want to play a tabletop verison of the hit anime series, build your spells, take on others and find a guild. All to raise your glory!

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Demon Blade (new issues each month and Omni collection books every six months) [issues reg 1.99, omni reg 4.99]

11 Kingdoms (available now) [reg 4.99]

Sweet Dreams (Book 1 Available Now) [reg 4.99]

Gloria's Gospell (Book 1 Available Now) [reg 1.99]


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Green Lightning RPG: Alpha Edition [reg 9.99]


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Imbria Arts is a site that hosts a collection of different projects. From web comics like full issues of Demon Blade, to manga pages of Sweet Dreams, to the humor of Critcial View. We are the creators and founders of one of the biggest tasks yet in Table Top Role Playing with Green Lightning RPG system, and game versions of popular anime series such as One Piece, Fairy Tail and Naruto. To Original artwork in Living Painting and Story in 11 Kingdoms, Imbria Arts has a vast collection of enjoyment for travelers on our site. Take time browse our selection, share your opinions and just enjoy the entertainment we provide.

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Brittany Dodson ~ Imbria Arts Founder

Coming Soon From Imbria Arts

Green Lightning: Alpha Edition

Coming out some time this spring, Green Lightning Alpha Edition. A quick release of the Green Lightning's basic rules that includes countless races, build rules for spells, techniques and powers, and much more. The ebook release will contain the basics you need to play the game system and build your roleplaying experence that you want to play.

Demon Blade Book 3

The third collections book in the series, covering issues 13-18. From a rampaging Chicken Ghost, to a militant army of christmas trees. The gang will face these and other threats, all while Tetsu tries to deal with Mai's feelings for him and dodging the onslaught of attention he is getting from Kyle.

All Imbria Arts Ebook releases are copyrighted property of Imbria Arts and thier authors. If you have some original content you want in ebook format contact us at [email protected]