About the Comic

One day while visiting his grandparent’s farm outside Shiraoi, Japan, The young Japanese American Tetsu Yushi came across a strange cabin and an unfinished samurai sword with a dark hidden secret curse. Once he accidentally is stabbed by the blade he enters a blood pact with the Yuki-Onna Maiyuki and is tasked with finding a way to free himself and Mai of the curse the blade holds.  A journey that will transverse the world and encounter strange and dangerous encounters of with demons, spirits, ghosts and many more creatures of legend. Hoping that one day the two of them will be free of the blades curse.

History of the Comic

In 2007 Brittany Dodson created the comic idea as a single page series that told the story of a young man and a cursed sword that allowed him to control a demon whose heart the sword was forged from. The comic originally was printed in VCU’s Commonwealth Times  from 1998 -2000 and released online at imbriaarts.com. In 2012 with the building success of Brittany’s other series Sweet Dreams she started to recreate the comic idea of Demon Blade for digital release. By April 2013 she had a settled story and design down and began venturing on the task of releasing a independent monthly comic online through digital services.

Legends Behind The Series

The legend of the Demon Blade and many of the encounters have origins in and throughout History here are a few of the facts and legends that the series has covered so far.

31 muramasa0001

Demon Blade – The legend of the demon blade is a type of weapon that was actually banned from its creation after Lord Tokogowa was stabbed by such a blade. The actual creation was a massive amount of folding in the forging process and was tested on prisoners to see the blades sharpness. Because of this a legend was built around one such sword crafted with parts of a demon to make a blade that cleaved any man or beast in two. (all issues)

seikian toriyama - yuki-onna

Yuki-ona – Mai is a yuki-ona, a popular japanese demon. Its twisted on the legend if the yuki is a demon or ghost of a woman but as Tetsu’s grandmother claimed the only way to rid one self of a yuki-ona is to give it what they want (usually to produce a child from a traveler) They are one of the only demons in legend that has no actual way to kill. But its rare that they appear in warmer climates and times (why Mai’s magic is weakened in the summer heat)

Anju – The Anju are a mixed race of Japanese and Russian people that where mainly integrated by Japan from their home around Hokkaido Area of Northern Japan. While japanese they often had pale skin and fairer hair then their Japanese counterparts. Many of the well known japanese legends of strange creatures come from Anju stories and legends. (issue 1&2)

Chicken Farming – The area Shiraoi where the story begins and the placement of the Yushi Chicken ranch is not by chance. That area of japan is the main producer for chickens through the entire country (issue 1&2)

Toilet Ghost – A infamous urban legend in japan and sort of through out the world. The legend in japan has the ghost as a vengeful spirit that asks the person near it if it wants red or blue paper. Saying Red it will rip the flesh from the body of the victim. Answer Blue and it will choke the victim to death. Answer any other color it will drag the victim to hell. The only way to avoid the spirit is to say No Paper. (issue 2&3)

Dog Spirit – Dog spirits are a legend the world over as spirit of loyalty and at times are honored for their loyalty even after death. (Issue 4&5)

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Hachiko – Hachiko is a real dog famous to the Shibuya district of japan for his faithful loyalty after his owner passed away he returned for years to wait for his masters return at the Shibuya train station. The station now honors Hachi with a statue of his loyalty which has become both a tourist attraction and a meeting place for lost friends to reunite. (thus the reasoning for Inochi to wake Hachi was to reunite her with Mai) (issue 4&5)

Minotaur – the famous Greek story of a half man half bull that was kept in the maze of Minos where it feed on those within the maze. It was said it was a way of dispensing justice to through accused criminals in the Maze. If they got out then they were innocent. (issue 7&8)