• Real Name:   Tetsu Harper Yushi
    (Translation note: Tetsu means both Iron and Peace, Yushi  means reasoning / explanation)
  • Nicknames:   Tetra Yushi (upon changing to female his friend Sarah dubbed this form as Tetra),
    Tetsu-chan (given to him from a childhood friend in Japan), Tigerfish (Stock market Handle)
  • Sex:                 Male / Female (When in the form of Tetra)
  • Age:                 17
  • Birthday:        June 30th
  • Sign:               Cancer
  • Blood Type:   0
  • IQ Score          164
  • Breast Size      38 C when he is changed to Tetra
  • Hair Color       Dark Brown
  • Eyes                  Blue
  • Height              5′ 5″
  • Home town     Wintchell, Oregon, USA
  • Race                  Human, Asian, Ainu Tribe member (Ainu are a native tribe to Japan and are mixed Japanese and Russian in Heritage)

Family (In Order of Appearance) 

  • Grandpa Toshi Yushi
  • Grandma Hana Yushi
  • Mother Karen Yushi
  • Father Hiroshi Yushi
  • Aunt Nozumi Okanewamu
  • Uncle Daisuke Okanewamu

Romantic Interests (Based on the old series info at this time)

  • Kyle Dago
  • Maiyuki Springfrost


  • Money
  • Crossdressing (in his past)
  • Math
  • Science


  • Chicken
  • Bullies
  • Drama Class
  • Playing Sports


  • Bees/Wasps/Hornets (He was attacked as a child by a Asian Giant hornet one year in Japan causing him to fear them)
  • His past becoming public knowledge


Back story From the start Tetsu_Tetra_Yushi_BDay

Born the only child to members of the Yushi Family Chicken Ranch Company based in Shiroai Japan. Set to become the sole heir of the 17 based farms,  that supply instant Ramen companies with their chicken flavoring.  Tetsu, is set to gain a small fortune at age 18. But also the responsibility of running the family farm and leaving his birth country of the US behind.  While the Yushi family is set as a company worth ten million,  Tetsu in his own right is worth more from his hobbies of profiting
from playing the stock market and his management skills along with odd jobs he takes.

At the age of eight his life took a turn causing him to change his actions of cross dressing, dubbed his darkest day of his life. It caused him to give up on dreaming for himself and resolving his life to the one his family has set him to carry on as the lone heir. He comes to Shiroai at age 17 to both prepare for his move to come at the end of his high school life. He keeps the exact details from his friends as to what has been planned and not everything is known to him fully ether.

Things change however when he takes his friends (Hugh, Sarah and Roland) with him on his last summer and in a trip away from farm chores the four explore the massive national forest behind the family farm. Tetsu is separated from his friends when a cliff side comes out from under him dropping him in the hidden ruins of an old hut buried from both time and nature. In the ruins Tetsu finds the Demon Blade. But in his effort of trying to take the blade he is stabbed by the blade into his own chest. The wound unleashed the curse and woke the demon girl Maiyuki whose soul is trapped within. The action created a contract for the two to agree upon and saved Tetsu’s life at the time. But as Mai explained to him should he lose, give away or destroy the blade, his wound will reopen and he will die. But the blades power is far more as it will call out to others of both the human and spirit worlds. Causing the two to have to work together to break the curse or die in the process.

While Tetsu is quick to react to things, he prefers the non-aggressive way to a fight. Bearing scars from a previous bullying attack on his chin and neck where he was nearly beaten to death at the age of 8. Tetsu is quite reserved in speaking about himself and his feelings. Often keeping things about himself kept internally. But some things are clear. Tetsu is a character of reason and logic, a master tactician, and lover of science and math.


Things you may not know about:

  • Tetsu was bullied to the point of almost dying at 8 years old at which point he went into regression from his growing social nature. While his family and  close friends know the reason about Tetsu’s past. They keep It a secret from the world based on the pain Tetsu went through. And now Tetsu is perfectly fine with keeping himself out of the public’s eye, in fear of begin attacked again.
  • Tetsu at the start has a secret crush on Kyle Dago and it’s the main reason he agreed to tutor Kyle the year before, and become the band Wood Peckers Manager.
  • Tetsu is an adapted acrobat, he uses this skill to avoid and dodge attacks
  • Tetsu’s favorite hobby is playing the stock market online under the handle of “Tigerfish”. The market meanwhile has noted that Tigerfish is sly and will often make choices that will foretell the markets actions to come.

Character type in fiction:
The studious yet strong willed but reluctant hero, in manga Tetsu identifies more with common female lead roles in stories then male ones. He is strongly based on Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando”

Blade master, can summon and use the demon blade and the spirits connected to the blade. Tetsu also is a skilled Tactician often coming up with plans of attack for the group in fights and finding a way to resolve and turn around trouble situations.

Currently Known Blade Summons under his control (based on the original series) 

  • Maiyuki Springfrost
  • Hachi
  • Mino
  • Lori

Tetsu Tetra