• Real Name:   Sarah Brough
  • Sex:                 Female 
  • Age:                 17
  • Birthday:        August 14th
  • Sign:               Leo
  • Blood Type:   AB
  • IQ Score          135
  • Breast Size      32 B
  • Hair Color       Red
  • Eyes                  Brown
  • Height              5′ 7″
  • Home town     Wintchell, Oregon, USA
  • Race                  Human, Caucasian

Family (In Order of Appearance) 

  •  Hugh Brough (Brother)
  •  Millie Brough (Mother)

Romantic Interests (Based on the old series info at this time)

  • Tetsu Yushi


  • Adventure
  • Climbing
  • Gym Class
  • Drama Class
  • One Piece (manga/anime)


  • Bullies
  • Science Class
  • Art Class
  • Being called “Monkey Girl”


  • No Known fears at this time.

Sarah is Tetsu’s oldest friend. She was the one that often helped him in his past to dress as a girl. Despite her knowing Tetsu’s feelings for her brothers friend and bandmate Kyle, she still holds a bit of a thing in her heart for her childhood friend. But once Mai appears she begins to bury those feelings and strictly watches out and be the support Tetsu needs when he is really down.

She is generally smart, but tends to tune out of things when she is bored, causing her grades to be moderate for art and science where patience and practice are needed. She however tries to be more focused on her studies then her older brother. Influenced and looking up to Tetsu’s mother. Sarah looks to get into business school after college.