• Real Name:   Roland Williams 
  • Nickname:     Ro
  • Sex:                 Male
  • Age:                 17
  • Birthday:        November 3rd
  • Sign:               Scorpio
  • Blood Type:   B
  • IQ Score          107
  • Hair Color       Black (shaved)
  • Eyes                  Green
  • Height              5′ 5″
  • Home town     Pittsburgh, PA , USA
  • Race                  Human, African American

Family (In Order of Appearance) 

  •  Grandma Williams

Romantic Interests (Based on the old series info at this time)

  • Inochi Spring-Blossom


  • Sports (Mostly Football)
  • Math
  • Video Games
  • Anime


  • English Class
  • Home work
  • Sitting on the Bench (when playing sports)
  • Being Short


  • Rejection


Tetsu’s Neighbor and good friend Roland. Roland moved to live with his grandmother while his parents are working on jobs that have them traveling all the time. Roland is very helpful and considerate around his home and with his friends. He bonded with Tetsu over of all things their common love for Math. But unlike Tetsu Roland struggles when it comes to the creative and literary courses of school, landing him in the same class as Mai. Roland tries out each year for the football team, and each year he fails to do more then sit on the bench. Tetsu has helped be his make shift trainer/ manager to get on the team.

When the gang meets Ino, Roland falls instantly in love with her, but his clumsy and shy nature causes him to have difficulties admitting it to her.

Roland is the only of the three friends at the start of the series that doesn’t know Tetsu’s past issues with crossdressing or his feelings for Kyle.