I want to start by thanking all for the amazing support over the years. Because of your support I have grown better and love to ability to share my creative love for you all.


One thing that cannot go ignored in the past was the sloppy way I released this series and how half the series is currently only available on Amazon.com for purchase to read. So in the coming weeks things will being to change with a new look to the series and far more story. This cleaner professional look to the series will still carry the story that earlier readers enjoyed in the first 24 issues of the story and it will cover additional plots and stories to come. Currently at the moment of writing this post I have the first 67 chapters of the rewrite done. Each will be 36 pages long and hold a manga like look through out.


To start this monumental task will take both time and effort that is using all my skills so I am not releasing on a regular schedule till I can turn a profit with the series to do so. But because fans ask it the series will be free to read. The speed of release will also be up to fans as I will be making the series a crowd funded one with rewards on each level of sponsorship. (more to come about that soon). The series will run here and a few other sites (Taptastic, Deviant Art, and more to be announced) And instead of daily releases and such the series will have bulk releases of new issues as they become complete. Additionally sponsors will gain access to digital art such as upcoming chapter previews, unreleased character designs, even early script reads and commissioned art work. On top of sponsorship there will be a donate and commission options for those that don’t have regular funds or just want a piece of work for their own.


On to the look of things Below you have the previous issues 1-3 images and the remake issues 1-2 that match those pages that I have made public to this point

Old                                                  New

c1p01 001

c1p03 03

c1p06 07

c1p07 08

c1p31 25

 3  28

12 27

demon Blade

Demon Blade Issue 1

“A sword forged in Blood”

Coming out in a few weeks