• Real Name:   Maiyuki Spring-Frost
  • Nicknames:   Snowflake (Spring’s pet name for her), Mai (Most call her this)
  • Sex:                 Female
  • Age:                 376
  • Birthday:        February 14
  • Deathday:      January 4 1706
  • Sign:                Aquarius
  • Blood Type:   A
  • IQ Score          57
  • Breast Size      32 B
  • Hair Color       Light Blue
  • Eyes                  Yellow
  • Height              5′ 7″
  • Home town     Furano, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Race                  Half Snow Demon (Yuki-Onna), Half Wind Elemental

Family (In Order of Appearance) 

  • Inochi Spring-Blossom (Half Sister)
  • Spring Tempest-Geiru (Father)
  • Kenchi Spring-Manekineko (Half Brother #1)
  • Riku Spring-Iwao (Half Brother #2)
  • Frost Sunoo-Aisu (Mother)
  • ???? (Half Brother #3)
  • ???? (Half Brother #4)

Romantic Interests (Based on the old series info at this time)

  • Tetsu Yushi

Likes p06

  • Winter / Cold
  • Using Tetsu as a dress up doll
  • Eating
  • Shopping
  • Comic (Manga mainly) and Anime
  • Entertainment (Movies, Drama class, Dancing, Sports)


  • Math, Science, English, and History Class
  • Failing
  • Summer / Heat
  • Shin Yoku


  • Losing Tetsu
  • Being Alone Again


  • Fire
  • Heat

Back story from the start 06

Born the first child of Lord Spring Tempest, and Frost Sunoo-Aisu. Mai was raised by her mother and trained in the ways of the Yuki-onna. However, the constant interaction with humans that she and her mother had got her curious of the human world. While her mother taught her how to hide among humans, Mai was very trusting of people.

That trust turned into her undoing. December 30th she met with the man Shin Yoku, a man she thought she could trust. But Yoku’s own plans had him tricking the girl into getting close enough for him to rip out her heart from her chest. He left her in his burning trap bleeding out in the snow. But as even Yoku admitted later, that taking a Yuki-onna’s heart isn’t enough to kill them. For six days Mai struggled after the man, seeking her vengeance. When she found him, her heart had already been used to form the blade of a weapon of destruction to all supernatural creatures. She cursed the samurai, the sword maker, and even herself, in an act of blind rage.

Now the three souls are bound to the fate of the demon blade, and Mai must stand at the side of the blade master.

When Tetsu Yushi, finds and has an unfortunate accident causing him to become the blade’s master. Mai awakens to make a blood contract with Tetsu. He will commit to help her break the curse, and she will lend her magic to aid him. And in turn she will help him rediscover what it means to dream again.

Mai is very carefree happy go lucky, but she is quick to anger. She loves to indulge on food and entertainment, but is very cautious of modern technology. She almost instantly falls for Tetsu because of his kind and genital spirit. Mai is usually quick to trust, but when it comes to truly showing love she is hesitant having been betrayed by Shin Yoku before. Mai is a big dreamer and a soul of great faith in things getting and being generally fun and good in life. Making her mostly a believer in faith, dreams and hope. Opposing to Tetsu’s Logic, Reason, and Strategy. Mai generally charges in head first and without a plan.

Things you may not know about:

  • Mai is a horrible cook. This is from her training with her mother, she was told to put the magic of love in her cooking. Mai took this literally and brings unholy life to any food she cooks. And it tastes just as bad as it looks.
  • Mai is generally interested in human things, but gets confused easily as she tries to make up for being unaware and a little frustrated over modern technology.
  • Mai is a shopaholic. According to Tetsu, the only thing protecting his bank account fully is Mai’s frustration with computer’s keeps her from online shopping.
  • When confronting Shin Yoku or desperate situations Mai unleashes into a mysterious rage that takes over her sense of reason and only acts upon reaction and anger. While she can come out of it the reason for it is unknown.
  • While the curse was created by Mai originally her father feels that Mai alone couldn’t craft such a curse.
  • Like all of the supernatural beings Mai’s last name lists her parents given name with her father first and mother second.
  • Unlike Yoku and Kaji, Mai is forced to stay with the blade since its physically part of her. But she can be separated through some magic, but separated from the blade her magic grows weak after a day passes that she is not near the sword.

Character type in fiction:27
Mai is greatly based on Hans Christian Anderson’s, Snow Queen, with some elements of the genie in Aladdin, tales about Yuki-onna themselves

Ice magic, Transformation magic, Flight (Weak), Summoning magic

Currently Known Spells (based on the original series) 

  • Winter’s Fury: Razor (Ice claws that cover her hands)
  • Winter’s Fury: Avalanche (A mass of ice and snow crushing the target)
  • Winter’s Fury: Frozen (Freezes a Target in solid ice)
  • Winter’s Fury: Shatter (Destroys a target frozen in ice)
  • Clothing change (Mai can change/ create her own and Tetsu’s clothes, when she does it to Tetsu however it permanently changes Tetsu’s clothing to the new look)
  • Transform Tetsu (a power up for Mai she can change Tetsu’s body slightly in age or sex, giving him a way to be in disguise)
  • Flight (Mai can flight but only slightly and not very fast)
  • Summoning (Mai can call forth things into the world bringing them to life with magic, she uses this to bring life to Mino and the Golum)