• Real Name:   Inochi Spring-Blossom
  • Nicknames:   Beansprout (mom’s pet name for her), Ino (Most call her this)
  • Sex:                 Female
  • Age:                 343
  • Birthday:        May 1st
  • Sign:                Aquarius
  • Blood Type:   AB
  • IQ Score          152
  • Breast Size      28 A
  • Hair Color       Yellow
  • Eyes                  Blue
  • Height              5’4″
  • Home town      Aomori, Aomori, Japan
  • Race                  Half Fairy (Cherry Flower Spirit) , Half Wind Elemental


Family (In Order of Appearance) 

  • Maiyuki Spring-Frost (Half Sister)
  • Spring Tempest-Geiru (Father)
  • Kenchi Spring-Manekineko (Half Brother #1)
  • Riku Spring-Iwao (Half Brother #2)
  • Blossom Kusa-Rose (Mother)
  • ???? (Half Brother #3)
  • ???? (Half Brother #4)

Romantic Interests (Based on the old series info at this time)

  • Roland “Ro” Williams


  • Plants
  • Reading (Mostly Fantasy Books)
  • Art
  • Shopping
  • Gardening
  • Cheerleading


  • Christmas
  • Meat (she is a vegetarian)
  • Winter Cold
  • Her Older Brothers


  • Never seeing her mom again
  • Plants dying
  • Losing Mai


  • Fire
  • Cold
  • Pure Iron Weapons
  • Iron Bells (Stun her)

Back story from the start 


Childhood was never easy for Ino. The fourth and only unwanted child of Lord Spring, Inochi was often bullied by her older brothers. Only Mai and her mother showed her kindness as a child. Once the curse befell Mai, Ino went along with Spring to discover and find Mai and the blades remains. Spring took action and forbade anyone else to go out into the human world hoping to hide the blade from the world. But Ino in a effort to try and help her sister by finding a new blade master was caught by Springs forces and thus exiled from her home never to see her mother again. As a measure of false hope Spring promised Ino she could return the day she helped the forest to reclaim a human city. In her exile she made a promise to Mai to act as the blade’s guardian a task she hopes to never fail. Yet when Tetsu claimed the blade Ino was away trying to claim the city of Tokyo with plants in a futile effort. As she sensed Mai’s power nearby Ino sought the aid of the spirit of the dog Hachiko in Shibuya. All in a effort to be reunited with the family that cared for her.

Inochi is reserved and doubtful in her own skills and power. But with the support of Tetsu and Mai she is learning to have more faith in her own abilities, but her distrust in humans and self doubt hold her back from making larger waves publicly like her sister or Tetsu.


Things you may not know about:

  • Inochi is very smart… While Tetsu is beyond her intelligence. Ino is greater skilled in literature and arts then Tetsu.
  • Soon after joining Wintchell High, Ino joined the cheer squad as a way to try and build her own confidence but her tasks with the show and as the blade’s guardian keeps her from taking a larger part in the squad.
  • Ino’s favorite color is red and will often wear it on her in some way.
  • Inochi is actually half Fairy. Her mother Blossom is full fairy. This is why Ino is much larger then her mother.
  • Inochi was expelled from her family for trying to help her sister.
  • Inochi often wears a rose blossom even though her own flower type is Cherry Blossoms. This is in honor of her grandmother Rose.
  • Faerie Folk are granted a flower type based on the one in full bloom at the time and place they live. The Cherry trees were in full bloom at the time Ino was born thus her flower is the cherry blossom.

Character type in fiction: Inochi is based the many stories and tales of Faerie folk, mostly from the western european region.

Plant control, Size Alteration, Life Breath magic (bringing forth non living objects to life), Plan & Animal Communication

Currently Known Spells (based on the original series) 

  • Vine Whip (Lashes out a ivy vine from her hands)
  • Blossom Blizzard (Creates a blinding cloud of flower blossoms)
  • Thorn Whip (A more powerful version of vine whip covered in thorns)
  • Splinter Storm (Cause wood to burst and spray an area in sharp darts)
  • Withering Bloom (Shrinks self or other objects)
  • Growing Bloom (Returns small object to normal size)
  • Acron Cracker (Throws a collection of Acorns that create small explosions)
  • Root Binding (Unleashes roots from her hands to grapple a target)
  • Leaf Blade Storm (A group of leaves blow towards a target cutting at the target)
  • Awaken (Unleashes the magical properties of others bringing spirits or objects to life)