• Real Name:   Hugh Brough
  • Sex:                 Male
  • Age:                 19
  • Birthday:        April 28th
  • Sign:               Taurus
  • Blood Type:   AB
  • IQ Score          127
  • Hair Color       Blond (dyed)
  • Eyes                  Brown
  • Height              6’2″
  • Home town     Wintchell, Oregon, USA
  • Race                  Human, Caucasian

Family (In Order of Appearance) 

  •  Sarah Brough (Sister)
  •  Millie Brough (Mother)

Romantic Interests (Based on the old series info at this time)

  • None at this time


  • Writing Music
  • Performing
  • Music Class
  • Playing the Drums


  • School in General
  • Hard Work
  • Keeping Secrets from friends


  • Being sent to Military School

Despite his lax behavior in school, Hugh is relatively intelligent. But his disinterest in having to follow the rules of school has him unwilling to try hard. Add to that his fellow band mates and friends all graduated last year as he is stuck repeating his senior year. He knows of Tetsu’s past but both as a promise he agreed to after Tetsu’s attack, and the fact he fears to break his friend Kyle’s heart to tell him the truth about the mystery girl he is in love with. Hugh is forced to keep a secret from his close friend. But is very vocal about having to keep his promise to keep Kyle safe.

While Kyle is the band leader and vocalist. Hugh is the drummer, writer and main connection to the band manager Tetsu.

Hugh feels forced to be responsible as the man of the house in his home after he and Sarah’s father died in combat for the military. However the effect of losing his father this way has caused him to be disgusted by the strict nature of military rules.