Welcome to the Path!

What is Path of the Butterflies?

Based on a personal phrase I used in my own transitions beginnings, I started to write Path back in 2012 to help others along the path in dealing with their own transition. But it became more then that. In time I covered issues and subjects that help others outside of the individual who is transitioning better understand the matter. Combining Humor, life stories, scientific studies, medical reports, historical records, and current events to cover many subjects to help all deal with the changes in life that being transgender carries.

Why should I take your advice over a doctors?

Don’t, By all means I will start out by saying I am not a medical professional, when it comes to that point please seek out ones you can trust to help you beyond this guide. I do however have both decades of personal therapy experience over this issue, and have a great flood of life events that help so the effects of living this way. But what I don’t personally know I research, covering medical reports and studies, breaking them down to help the average person better understand the issues each section covers.

I don’t want to hear a political opinion about something I know is wrong according to my religion. Why should I care what you have to say?

Well given my perspective may surprise you. I have studied religions, political opinions, and world culture in both this blog series and beyond. While some are against transgender people? Many may just surprise you. And my own opinions in religion, politics and society aren’t fully on the supportive side of the LGBT groups out there. But by no means am I here to tell you that your opinions are wrong. I am just trying to point to other opinions you may not have bothered to look at.

So what now?

Well pick a path subject and read and maybe you just may come to a new point of view.


In my short time in this world however we each have one thing in common. We for a brief moment crossed our paths in life, together.

Robert Frost once wrote a famous poem about taking the road less traveled. What he failed to mention was how many would travel the road along with us. High School is one such place where we gather and build our relations with others. It’s where we learn to stand together and grow stronger, in life’s challenges. When we claim how we sever the ties to our past. But our past is something we cannot destroy and erase.  It is what helps form us and shapes us, with the smallest of encounters to the ones that change the most solid supports in our lives turning things upside down from our personal views.

Then there is the path yet to come. Every one of us at one time looks to the future. Some of us are excited of the many great things to come. Others like me fear our future. Worrying about the darkness before us, the things we will never do or become, the chances lost to us never to return. But we cannot fear that road. For it is that road, that less traveled path before us that we must move forward down. Sure it is a dark and scary path. But if we just take a moment to look around we see the faces of others at our side. We see while our future is a frightening place. We have the lives of all we met and others that will join us on the way also along that path.

Now we must walk out of here with these memories we formed here as a badge of honor and pride. We have survived to this point. And now it’s our turn to take the next step forward and face the dark uncertain future with the strength that this place instilled upon us. For the future is ours to make what we will of it. Together with everyone who has been a part of our lives till now!  So I ask you, let us take that next step on that path today together! ~ Tetsu Yushi, Demon Blade (by Brittany Dodson)