Okay so I need to do a crash course update on things here as my life’s plans went to all hell in the new year in a very bad way. To sum things up I have become a victim of a con which hurt my finances, and identity, putting me in a massive legal mess, also doing great damage both mentally and physically. While I am mending my shattered life there are ways that can help me in the future once legal matters are further down the road but for now if you want to help the best ways are become a patreon sponsor at patreon.com/demonblade or share my work. While I am taking donations on Deviant Art a better way will open in the future.

So where does this place my artwork.

As I stated in the start of the year I am going to do a few things weekly and will take some commissions as they come. So here is the break down.

Patreon Weekly Requests – I am returning to weekly requests for every paying patreon, (with one exception being the  Patreon for MPW for a reason listed below) I decided it best do to the amount of work on my hand to just pick back up to weekly requests this month vs the missed months. If you are a patreon supporter and don’t have a submitted content coming up let me know. I am going to release a list of upcoming requests on the patreon site tomorrow. I plan to release these on the weekends.

Free Weekly Sketch Requests– As I stated at the beginning of the year, I am going to do weekly sketch requests, they are single panel and not much detail coloring, I am allowing masking art and its a good way for fans that have no money to get a quick request done. If you request a comic from it I sadly cannot fill it as this is designed to be something I can do on my lunch break or as I am doing other things. I plan to release these on Sundays or Mondays

Commissions – I currently have several commissions (two large scale page count ones [Erza’s Closet, and a unnamed one at this time] I am trying to work on commissions and as always I don’t take money from the commissions up front so please don’t offer greater amounts or money up front to get your work done sooner. Commissions will be released randomly through the week.

Magical Princess War – Starting this spring, I will try to make this a weekly comic release for all my sites and will have a hosted page on imbriaarts.com I don’t yet have a set day release of the comic, extra stuff for the site also will be available in the future as well

Demon Blade – I am working on the comic daily, trying to have at least the full two part story of issue 3 and 4 out this year. Facebook followers, and Patreon followers will get inside looks into the series.

Green Lightning and Path of the Butterflies – Both are random updates in the future, mainly when I find the time or inspiration to write for both of these.